12 diciembre 2012

Towers is Back (Torres Ha Vuelto)

This is the first english post at the latertuliadeportiva.com. This week the Intercontinental Cup will be held in Japan and Fernando Torres and his team have the chance to win their first one. The talk show member, Piku, shared the following article about Fernando Torres and his happiness:
Nacho shows his records :
"World Cup 1
Euro Cups 2
U-16 Euro Cup 1
U-19 Euro Cup 1
Champions League 1
FA Cup 1
Golden Boot Euro Cup 2012
Bronze Ball 2008

The Towers are growing and growing!"
Piku remarks:
"And also last Sunday´s match, he kicked off and scored a penalty for Chelsea. Do you remember last time Towers kicked a penalty? I don´t. Rafa is giving him the team gallons. "
The ungrateful and weed Pepe says:
"Towers will always be an "i want but i can´t".
He´s one of those "one-and-only-goal-carrer".
Rubbish towers. "
Piku compares:
"So taking into account your comment, we can say that Guti was I can but I don't want? "
Nacho shouts: "What an ungrateful person!"
Pepe with a saying: ""Higher towers have fallen"
Vile meows : "Another "meow meow"?
Too many cats for this park..."
Pepe answers Vile:
"Hey, Mr No Aspirant:
The man who changed our lives was NOT Ferdie Towers.
The man who really changed our lives was HIM, the one and only...
The greatest...
Pedja Mijatovic lolololololo"